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Level 2 Spirit Tasting Kit

Level 2 Spirit Tasting Kit

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Spirit samples (Vinotte®) for WSET training.

Set of 32 Samples of 20ml.
Free delivery to EU countries.

One pack of 32 different spirit samples selected to meet the tasting requirements for students taking the WSET Level 2 Award in Spirits course.

Select the option "tasting notes" and add to your pack the printed description of each spirit in line with the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting®.

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What will you find in your kit?

Discover your spirit list!

   01. VS Cognac
   02. VSOP Cognac
   03. XO Cognac
   04. Armagnac
   05. Grappa
   06. Pisco

   07. Tennessee Whiskey
   08. Bourbon
   09. Rye Whiskey
   10. Single Malt Whisky 1
   11. Single Malt Whisky 2
   12. Blended Scotch Whisky
   13. A third Scottish Single Malt Whisky
   14. Irish whisky
   15. Japanese whisky

   16. Cuban style of white rum
   17. Characterful style of white rum (English or French)
   18. Inexpensive,highly coloured dark rum (e.g. a buyers own brand)
   19. Aged Spanish style rum
   20. Aged English style

   21. Blanco
   22. Reposado or añejo
   23. Blanco Artisanal Mezcal

   24. Neutral style of vodka
   25. Characterful style of vodka 1
   26. Characterful style of vodka 2

   27. Classic London Dry Gin
   28. Modern style of gin or Old Tom
   29. A third gin
   30. Bitter
   31. A simple liqueur
   32. A complex liqueur