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Le Nez du Vin - Duo 24 aromas

Le Nez du Vin - Duo 24 aromas

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A useful tool from Le Nez Du Vin for wine trade members (oenologists, sommeliers, producers) and wine fans who want to brush up their skills.

The Duo kit contains 24 essential aromas found in red wines and white wines (including champagnes).

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About this kit

What aromas will you get?

12 white wine aromas:

Fruity notes:

1 lemon
2 grapefruit
4 pineapple
6 lychee
8 muscat
10 pear

Floral notes:

24 hawthorn
27 honey

Vegetal note:

37 boxwood (or blackcurrant bud)

Animal note:

47 butter

Roasted notes:

48 toast
50 roasted hazelnut

12 red wine aromas:

Fruity notes:

12 strawberry
13 raspberry
15 blackcurrant
17 blackberry
18 cherry

Floral note:

29 violet

Vegetal notes:

30 bell pepper / capsicum
32 truffle
36 liquorice
40 vanilla
43 pepper

Roasted note:

54 smoky not

What else will you find in your kit?

- Three booklets are included. The first one deals with
smell and taste. Two booklets on white wines and red wines show how in
both the New and Old Worlds, the 24 key aromas reflect grape varieties
and vineyards.

- Illustrations and a variety of great wines from all over the world are given as examples.

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